Well after an interesting journey to Thailand I’ve finally made it and have my feet on firm ground! We left NZ at 6am on Saturday morning (3rd April) flew to Syndey…which was where things started getting interesting…We’d purchased 3 bottles of top notch NZ pinot to give to our Thai friend, Wins, dad as he treated us very well last time we were here.

Off the plane, smiles all round and went to the international transfer security area to get up the departures level of Syndey airport. All was going well until a security guy told us we could not take more then 100ml of liquid through the transfer area – a little less than the 2.25l of decent plonk we had. He proceeded to take the wine from us, but being the resourceful lads that we are, we said ‘hang on a sec there bud’ and ripped the bottles back off him and exited out the transfer lounge the way we’d come in…a quick chat with an airport official and we realised that we had two options, give the airport official the 3 bottles of wine, or drink them. We settled for a bit of both, we gave him one bottle and then proceeded to sit there, looking out an airport window, as scores of new arrivals came through drinking our red wine…from the bottle. Can’t say I regularly practice drinking red wine at 9am in the morning, so its fair to say it hit me quite hard after the early morning!


Airport and NZ Wine


10 hours later, a bit of a nap and a bite to eat, and another purchase of the same red wine (at a higher price than in NZ) we were sober and ready for the next flight. We managed to enjoy ourselves on the flight (Jono found a good source for Gin) and touched down in Bangkok at 10:30pm, got a taxi in to Khaosan Road booked a room and hit the beds after a mammoth first day (view from the hotel balcony in the picture)!


The temperature here is pretty warm, around 30 degrees now (10:30am) and getting up to 36, no sign of rain so should be a good few days in Bangkok. No firm plans yet about what we’re doing here over the next few days, but we’ll be heading up to the Chang Mai region on around Tuesday; we’ve found out there is a water festival on up there on the 13-15th April and sounds like it’s a really sweet event.

Bangkok fro, Khaosan


No fly fishing action yet, however I’m pretty sure the carp in the pond of our backpackers could be fair game after a few Singha’s!

Talk soon – Cel and the family, miss you all. Soph, I’ll be learning some words to teach you soon!


  1. Margaret Kennedy says: April 6, 2010 • 06:39:26

    Hi Brendon – good to see you have started your trip in a the way you mean to go on. And managed to get away with it!
    Trust the carp are still safely in their pond – I am sure they are protected, although in a crisis I bet they would taste good with a few fries (French ones, not Brendon!) Unless Jono is a cannibal, of course.
    Looking forward to checking your blog on a regular basis as you proceed on your journey. There was a really interesting article about four NZ girls staying in a great sounding area of India in todays travel pages. I might check the name of the region and forward it to you.
    Meantime have a great time and we will check your blog site again soon.
    Bye from all the Kennedys


  2. Dad and gay says: April 6, 2010 • 23:19:11

    Ho Ben

    Sent you a text before you left but I guess that your phone is not receiving from here, or you just haven't had time to check stuff.

    I also tried to log on to your blog thing but unsuccessfully. I was able to score it using a link on an email that Elaine sent us.

    Snow is melting up here and it should have disapeared off the Highlands by the time that you arrive! Have got some golf arranged and may be able to organise some fishing in Loch Ness or the Ness River.

    Excellent narrative skills, loved hearing about your misadventures, so I will keep Elaine's text so that I can check out future happenings.

    This missive is short, need to get some sleep for an early start for Glasgow in the morning, but now that we have your blog site, we can at least keep up with you. Can you send your mobile no or an e-mail address so that we can contact you?


    Dad and Gay


  3. Anonymous says: April 8, 2010 • 10:57:09

    Hey Mate

    Looks like you are having fun, keep it up bro.

    Have a great time me and Jac will be reading.

    Cheers Mike and Jac

    PS. I posted a comment on a blog, nuts


  4. paul.sara says: April 20, 2010 • 00:22:21

    I take it you are not missing Tivo then.


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