is mainly about a nomadic kiwi guy, Brendon Fry.


Life at dictates around Travel, Fishing and Work – quite rightly in that order.


Tune in for adventures, photo’s and anything else you want really. It’s Brendon Fry on the web. Not a shameless self-promotion exercise, but the stories of life that every now and then, turn out to be life-long yarns. The photo’s that capture months of travel or late evenings on the Tongariro, the words that describe amazing and unique experiences, and the intelligent words of others that are helping me to shape my career.

A few key people you might be lucky enough to meet on the site:

Celina (love of my life!) shows up in plenty of places, particularly the travel, less so the fishing (weird huh?) and work. You may even find her attempting to write in the travel blog…

Family, the cornerstone of life, appear along the way as well; a fun and caring bunch who have got me to where I am in life so far (good effort team).

Friends, the top individuals who I’m lucky enough to call ‘friends’. They come from far and wide and make any adventure a whole lot more fun – while some have been there since the beginning (Whanganui that’s you), most I’ve met through my travels, fishing and work life.

Randoms, support acts and general people of the earth. You know the ones, who, in there own way, make experiences, more of an experience  – the touts of India, the pie shop owner in Turangi (top mince and cheese), the crew on Air NZ flights, the old-timer you chat to on the river, the Xe Om drivers who take your life into their hands – all of whom make life fun, rewarding, challenging but without a doubt more interesting.


What’s left to say but, enjoy and get in touch – I’d love to hear from you

Love, Respect and Asian Squats – Fry