Wednesday 9th March; 24 degrees light winds
The lads ready for action on the river
Flinn launching a cast
Time to hit the Rangitikei for a few hours in the afternoon, this time with nephew Flinn and his spinning rod. We headed up to ‘the spot’, just south of Mangaweka.  The last few times (last year) that I’d been to this piece of water, it wasn’t fishing as good as it had – this was due to movements in the river bed; but thankfully due to recent flooding (I assume) it was back on form and looking good. Flinn and I headed down river to a drop off section and we started casting Flinns spinning gear into the deeper water. After about 20 minutes we hadn’t had a hit, so I rigged up my fly rod and moved up a few metres to cast into the edges of a fast piece of water that was feeding the drop off. On my third cast I hooked into a rainbow, although I’m not too sure of the size as I didn’t get a look at it before it spat the hook. I gave a strong deep run into the tail of the pool and flicked my fly back to me within 30 seconds – at least we knew fish were in there. A few more casts later into a similar spot and I’d firmly hooked a brown trout. It took about two minutes before I got to see the size of it, estimating it to be about 1.5-2lb. It gave a good battle, coming into the shallows and then bolting out into the flow a number of times. Flinn was already telling me that he would ‘smack it on the head’ once I landed it…classic. Eventually I netted the fish and called it in at 1.5lb on the mark, a nice looking brown. Flinn consequently hit it on the head and we took a few pics of it.
Brown to the net
Good looking, healthy, Rangitikei Brown
Flinn about to deal to the head!
Following that we moved up river about 20 metres and fished a long reach that had delivered a heap of trout in the past. Flinn started at the bottom of the pool, where it was more suitable for spinning, and I started part way up. Flinn managed to hook into a small rainbow but it spat the hook after about 10 seconds – bugger it. I then hooked a couple of rainbows up toward the head of the pool, all on #16 PT’s; one of which we landed and Flinn released back into the flow and the other gave up the hook before reaching the shore.
Another good day out on the river with a bit of action on the nymph rig. I’d say that spot would go off on dusk, given the number of fish that were pretty easily hooked in the height of the day in clear conditions. Hopefully I’ll get back onto the Rangitikei tomorrow on the way up to Taupo for the weekend.
Rangitikei quality
Certainly getting the fishing confidence back and surprisingly it hasn’t taken any time at all to get back into the same cast action I had before leaving NZ. You’ll need to get back here soon Wilson before you lose yours mate.

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