Bangkok has been serving up some heat! After 3 days we’re slowly acclimatise to the 40 degree heat, well we’re at least venturing out from the air con for at least 5 minute periods…


Bangkok's Main River


Spent a bit of time exploring the Banglamphu area in Bangkok yesterday, having already been to Thailand and done most of the sites it’s more about just relaxing and enjoying the food and drink than Tuk-Tuk’ing all over the show. We took in the pristine(?) waters of one of Bankok’s rivers; we did see a few fish rising, but they were beyond cast reach so didn’t decide to return with fly rods.

The ‘red shirt’ protesters in Bangkok are causing havoc with the traffic here, they practically move into areas and park themselves in all the main roads, shutting down most of the area. Only those supporting the ‘red shirt’ cause are allowed to use those roads…apparently there are up around 10,000 protesters. The image on the left shows one of the blocked off roads with a couple of the protesters controlling the gate.


Bangkok's Red Shirt Brigade


Last night we went out with Win (a Thai mate of Jono’s who used to live in NZ). He took us to a couple of the bars that he and his friends go to- these were in a really nice district that was clearly where anyone who is loaded lives! We met up with two of his friends, Por and Pare and they proved to be an absolute goldmine of travel information on Thailand – practically giving us our itinerary for the north. They both loved NZ wine, so we went to a wine bar and bought a bottle of NZ Sauv (Selini); pretty strange feeling knocking it back while sitting in one of bangkok’s wealthy districts…it still tastes just as good over here. We’re catching up with these guys when we’re back from Cambodia and heading away for a few nights; Win will be our tour guide which I’m sure will me gold! Photo below is of us all at the wine bar, with Win is sitting to my left.


Wine night in Bangklok!


Tonight we’re on a 12 hour bus journey up to Chiang Mai in the north – bound to be gruelling. We will travel about for a few days near Chiang Mai (thanks to Por and Pare) and then base ourselves in Chiang Mai from the 12th – 15th for the Thai New Year- a massive water festival; pretty much a fomal water fight.

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  1. Lisor says: April 12, 2010 • 10:08:37

    Sounds like you guys are having a blast! as of course you should be. We bringing our trip forward to July, 3 weeks approx in Vietnam, bit of time in Cambodia and Singapore. Lookin forward to hear how your Viet leg goes! Apart form that, the fishing is great, weather same, off up north for some more saltwater action end of April. cheers Brett and Lisa


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