Bolivia, a place we were blown away by. Never before have I felt so out of this world as we were during out trip through the salt flats and national parks. Sights you wouldn’t really try and describe!




The sun sets on our first night in Bolivia looking out from our hostel onto Lake Titicaca

Isla Del Sol 07

Sunrise from the comfort of our bed, before heading off on a hike

Isla Del Sol 2

Checking out the south and of the island

Isla Del Sol 10

Hunting through the Incan ruins

Isla Del Sol 12.1

Cel striding up the mountain to get the best view

Isla Del Sol 12

Beautiful beaches

Isla Del Sol 14

Kids headed home from school

Isla Del Sol 16

The sunset is on it’s way as Cel watches on

Isla Del Sol 17

Just one or two romantic shots

Pampas Alligator

He’s keeping a close eye on things

Pampas Water Pig

These things were actually pretty cute

Pampas Alligator

Waiting in the sun for his next meal

Pampas Boating

Cruising down the Yacuma

Pampas Squirrel Monkey

These little guys were in the trees around our lodge

Pampas Sunset

The sun sets as we kick off the volleyball

Pampas Anaconda

Testing out the Anaconda

Pampas Waka

Pampas Piranha Fishing

Fishing for the tricky piranha

Pampas Boating

Celebrating the trip!

Pampas Tour Crew

Back on dry land at the end

Pampas Anaconda

The Anaconda

Flight to Rurrenbaque

Pretty much driving the plane for them from my seat

Amazsonas Flight

This is how we got from the ‘terminal’ to the ‘runway’ in Rurenbaque

Amazsonas Flight

About to get on-board our flight

Uyuni Salt Flats

Checking out the salt pyramids – the mounds are made to dry out the salt ebfore shifting it

Uyuni Salt Flats

The shenanigans start

Uyuni Salt Flats

Me falling off the front of a jandal

Uyuni Salt Flats

Cel kicking off her signature move for the tour

Uyuni Salt Flats

Uyuni Salt Flats Tour

Loving the air up there


Flamingos love the lagoons, they’re everywhere


A couple of birds chilling in the reflection


Amazing scenery at one of the lakes

Laguna Colorada

It was blowing a gale, but shorts and jandals were still appropriate

Laguna Colorada

Cel checking out the birdlife on the lagoon

Laguna Colorada Llamas

Llamas sticking together

Sol de Manana

We couldn’t help ourselves

Sol de Manana

Steam vent that was incorrectly called a geyser! Still nice at 6 in the morning!

Laguna Verde

Cel keeps the jump thing going

Laguna Verde

Stunning reflections

Rock Valley

Cel found a nice spot

Sucre Central Market

Shopping around for vege’s and fruit

Sucre Cels Birthday

Poached eggs on artisan bread, roasted tomatoes and aguacate (avacado)

Sucre Colonial City

Bit more of the colonial white thing going on here

Sucre Miradoor

Sunset over the city

Sucre Miradoor

Checking out the city from the mirador

Sucre Colonial City

Advertising something…

Sucre Central Plaza

The local brew, not a bad one at that

Sucre Cels Birthday

Now this is what I’d been waiting for

Potosi Sunset

The sun goes down on Potosi as the miners rally

Potosi Main Square

Cel checking out the main square on a ‘non-dynamite day’

Cerro Rico

Cerro Rico – The rich mountain. This is the heart of Potosi mining

Potosi Miners Strike

The striking miners

Potosi Miners Strike

Another contingent

San Francisco Monastario

Freezing but still smiling

San Francisco Monastario

Looking down on the town

Death Road

Gravity Briefing

One of the early lookout points (before we actually got onto death road)

Death Road Finish

The team, all finished and alive

Death Road Celebrating

On our way back up the track in the van we stopped to celebrate

Cel and Death Road Sign

Cel playing it up for the camera

Death Road Cross

Ominous signs on Death Road

Death Road Cliff

One of the decent drop off on Death Road

Death Road Passing a Truck

The cars need to get pretty close to get by

Downtown Tupiza

Down town Tupiza, Cel is about to unleash!

Diablo's Rock, Tupiza

Tupiza Canyon

Heading into the canyon on a hot day

Tupiza Canyon

Cel scrambling down the rocks to get into the canyon

Tupiza Canyon

What a spot to drop an AS

Tupiza Canyon

Rocks could never be more fascinating


Cel making her way back to the hostel along the main highway

Tupiza sunset

Sun sets over Tupiza

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