Arrived in Chiang Mai on Thursday morning at 6am after a long overnight bus ride. This place is a bit more chilled than Bangkok, we’re based in the centre of town which is the old part of the city there is a moat that encircles this part of town. Day 1 here we walked around the town a bit, visited a temple, had a few beers and generally soaked things up.


Day 2 (Friday) was when things got pretty interesting…we booked into a day trek with a bunch of guys from the hostel. Onto the taxi/ute we jumped and once out of town Jono and I were on the roof of the ute soaking up the view while driving along the highway. We got smashed a number of times by 10 y.o. kids throwing buckets of water at us (part of the New Year celebrations – it’s meant to start on the 12th but these buggers get stuck in a bit earlier!)



The trek/tour, I’ll let the trek photos speak for themselves but the itinerary was drive into the mountains, walk up to a waterfall then jump on a couple of elephants and they’d take us to our lunch spot. Then on our way back in we’d stop at a waterfall, which we could climp up onto and get in behind the fall and jump out into the fall and down into the pool below. Final stop was a 2 hour rafting trip (bamboo raft) down a local river, the locals lined the river splashing us (as part of the early New Year festivities) and we’d stop at a number of spots to climb up a cliff and launch ourselves into the river…


The lads on the roof


Riding Asian Elephant

The one that took off up the hill!


Local Thai Village


Morning Glory and Rice paddies


Water...falling i.e. waterfalls


The water fall jump (from in behind the fall)


Louis and Caio checking the scene on the way home

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