The start of a big Latin American trip, 3 weeks in Guatemala filled with amazing natural scenery with Lake Atitlan, Semuc Champey being a couple of highlights


Guatemala City

Local buildings and locals

Guatemala City

A big old Cathedral, in the historic centre

Guatemala City

The slum – apparently the largest in Central America

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala (5)

The maiden AS of the trip

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala (10)

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala (12)

Heading out on the kayak

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala (17)

Attempting to look staunch…

Xela Markets

Kiwi influence at the markets in Xela

Xela Streets

A typical street in Xela

Locals in Xela

The local indigenous people on their way somewhere

Guatemala Chicken Bus

The famous ‘chicken bus’

Celas Maya Spanish School

Desks lined up ready for students

Xela, Guatemala

The family and us

Semuc Champey 3

Cel passes with flying colours

Semuc Champey 4

Taking a leap of faith

Semuc Champey 5

The end of the pools where the river re-emerges

Semuc Champey 12

Cel and I in the caves

Semuc Champey 11

Semuc Champey 13

Another waterfall jump for the day

Semuc Champey

The swollen river outside the caves

Zephyr Lodge 3

Zephyr Lodge 4

Zephyr delivers on the brief for drinks and a view

Flores Clouds

It’s about to get crazy judging by this cloud!

Flores Lake

Walking the ringroad around Flores

FLores Sunset

The sunset we waited for – outsanding!

Flores Town

Wouldn’t have wanted to paint this with a hangover

Road To Tikal

Local transport for the lads

Tikal, Guatemala - Spider Monkeys

Spider monkey taking a swing

Tikal, Guatemala

Looking out over the central plaza complex

Tikal, Guatemala

One of the main temples at Tikal

Tikal, Guatemala

On top of a pile of concrete

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