Friday April 16

Blog action will be slow for the next few days, we’re heading into Laos and it take 3 days, 2 nights to get there, including two boat rides of 6 and 7 hours and a 6 hour bus ride, transfers etc…not picking it’s going to be fun but I think it’s what you call ‘part of the experience’

First stop in Laos will be Luang Prabang, meant to be a chilled out place with some great scenery.

Pic below if of Chiang Mai tonight, on our way walking back to the hotel – pretty awesome spot up here in Northern Thailand…


Chiang Mai Songkran

Sunset on Songkran and Chiang Mai

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  1. Margaret Kennedy says: April 17, 2010 • 07:47:28

    This makes great reading, Brendon! You guys are having a great time – some (most!) of your experiences I can't say I am breaking my neck to do but for a computerchair holiday I am enjoying every moment. Aren't you glad you are just chilling out with local wildlife, ethnic foods and good mates – and not trying to battle your way through volcanic clouds en route to Britain? Just think, if it keeps up long enough you can stay in holiday mode for months and your insurance companies will pay for your inconvenience!If you don't know what I am talking about, you will have to buy a newspaper!
    Look forward to next instalment,
    From the Kennedys


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