Friday 11th March; SW winds 18 degrees

Not a bad sight to wake up to

After a evening of talking all things fishing with Brett Cameron (, he’d decided the best option for taking Celina fishing was to get out onto the boat and try and bring in a few lake fish. His opinion of the rivers were that they were hard going at the moment and it would likely just turn into casting practice. So 7:30am we were up to a breakfast served up by Lisa and then onto the lake by about 8:30am. As per the pictures it was a cracker of a day, sun was out with the only downside being the wind blowing from the SW meaning we couldn’t go around the point to check out the Maori carvings.

Heading out on the boat with Briggs

The trip out to our kick-off spot only lasted 5-10 mins, Brett set up the downriggers and gave me the instructions for making them work, from there on it was up to me. We dropped both rods down to the right depth and sat down to look out over the lake. After around 15 minutes we had our first fish on, I grabbed the rod and gassed the rainbow in, not a bad fish a couple of pounds and a definite keeper. Next up was going to be Celina, although missing the first fish, she hooked the second and reeled it in successfully to the net. Again a good fish, pushing 3lb this time.

First fish of the day
Cel working hard on the fish

Cels fish about to get its final words

After that it went quite for 30 mins or so allowing us a bit of time for a coffee on board, a read through FlyLife and chat about more fishing stories and plans. Brett kindly let me know that he’s planning a trip to Cuba next year to target Bonefish and Tarpon…thanks mate. After our coffee things picked up again, I landed another decent sized rainbow but returned it to the lake. At the same time as I reeled in my fish, Cels rod got a hit too and she pulled in an undersized rainbow which went back. After that it was a pretty relaxing time, reeling in the odd fish (most of which were borderline keepers so we returned them all), soaking up the sun and talking about back country fishing trips and tactics.

Brett about to de-hook and release an undersize rainbow

As Brett said, he’d converted me to the darkside of lake fishing, it certainly has it’s pluses – easy access, low walking effort, coffee while sitting down and some good looking lake fish! Cel enjoyed the morning and it gave her the energy to get out onto the river in the afternoon with me to try out the fly cast. Good times and a good morning with the old man.

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