Thurday 22nd April

Been in Luang Prabang for 3 days/nights now and loving the place. It’s a small chilled out town (population 26K) that has a strong French colonial influence in it’s food and architecture. It has an 1130pm curfew so not late night partying which helps to keep the great feel that it has.


Luang Prabang French styles


We’ve spent time walking around the old part of town, which is effectively a peninsula between the Nam Kan and Mekong rivers, spotted a few places to give the fly rod a flick and we’re doing that tonight before dusk. They have some great night markets here where you can buy anything under the sun, they block off the main street and put up gazeebo’s and lay out all the goods. There is also an awesome food night market where we’re been to try all sorts of grilled food including spicey grilled chicken, pork riblets, bufallo sausage and the much sought after grilled baby bird….


Luang Prabang Markets

The boys purchased some slippers to wear for the night…


There are a heap of temples in Luang Prabang, we’ve checked one out already and plan to get around a few more. The picture to the right is me doing “the asian squat” outside one of the temples. The “asian squat” is how many people sit in Asia, they don’t use chairs or sit on the ground, they squat on their ankles – so I’ve been trying to perfect it. The difference is they can hold it for hours and hours. We’ve been trying out many different types of food in luang prabang; our staple breakfast is a freshly baked baguette filled with bacon, egg and salad complimented with Lao coffee – a really strong brew mixed in with condensed milk rather than standard milk – bloody amazing and total cost is $2.80NZD.


Luang Prabang Temple

Classic temple squat


Classic Laos Breakfast

Nothing beats this for breakfast…


The Mekong runs right through Luang Prabang and it’s been a very interesting experience watching what happens on this river. We’ve seen how important the river is to the Laos people, transporting goods, travel to upper villages, gather food and providing tourism options.  We’ve had a number of beers down by the Mekong just watching what goes on. And it makes for some killer sunsets:
Mekong Sunset
Will be updating again soon with a trip we took yesterday to some sweet waterfalls.

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