Friday 14th May – Mui Ne


Mui Ne Beach

Time to chill out


Time for some serious relaxationon the beaches of Vietnam. Mui Ne is a spot lessfavoured by tourists (Nha Trang is more popular) but a lot more relaxed, laid back and less intense – a bit more like NZ in a lot of ways. We arrived in Mui Ne at 1:30am and faced a 45 min walk to find our accomodation – not ideal but we love a challenge at that hour of the morning…we managed to wake up the security guard and get a room so things were looking good from 3am onward!


Mui Ne Beach

Our accommodation outlook – not bad!


Mui Ne Restaurant

Life’s big decisions


Mui Ne is pretty much a beachwith a line of hotels and guesthouses right on the beach front, with one road running behind them that contained some shops, restaurant and bars – not much to it which makes it a sweet place in my books. Most of our stay in Mui Ne revolved around lying in the sun either on the beach or by the pool, reading books, having the odd beer and heading out to chow down on some Vietnamese food!
One night out was enough for us, Cutts and Bel took us to a local bar called Wax (in relation to surf wax) where they got us into the buckets and tried to beat us at pool – unsuccessfully. We also took the Bledisloe by beating a couple of Aussie yobbo’s, wiping the floor with their t-shirts in a hiding that saw them only down one ball – an all round top night for the kiwi lads but the next morning we were feeling a little worse for wear – this dampened the pool winning celebrations somewhat!


Jono and Cutts

Jono and Cutts getting stuck into a bucket



Cutts…well just being the muppet that he is..


Fry and Cutts

Did not take the defeat in a game of pool well, NZ 1 – ENG 0


Being a coastal spot I though the fishing could be worth a try, but, like most spots in Vietnam, the locals have fished the area pretty hard for years and there was nothing to be had on the fly. I was again told that I needed a sinker on my fly line – again turning down the local advice in favour of keeping my head on while fly fishing! Didn’t see any of the local pull in any fish and after being stung by a jelly fish while casting I decided it was time to return to the hostel – good times to get the rod out for a flick but again the ellusive Vietnamese ocean species avoided my fly!


Mui Ne Beach

Spot I went for a flick with the fly rod


Mui Ne Beach

The way the locals do it in Mui Ne


Mui Ne set us up well for a relaxing time in the South, plans are to move onto Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and then down to Phu Quoc (an island of the bottom of Vietnam) to get into some diving and fishing (ok perhaps we’ll call it casting until we actually catch a fish!)

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  1. Margaret Kennedy says: May 25, 2010 • 11:34:56

    Hi Brendon – yes we still here and loving your travel updates and photos. Michael and I went to Perth – wish I could tell you about our camel trek across the Great sandy desert and our encounters with local people and range of exotic animals – but that would be lying! Our "camel" was AirNZ and only exotic animals were the local Aussies! And,let's face it, exotic is a bit of an overstatement. Ate lots of fish but didn't catch any! Keep those cameras rolling and the stories coming. Margaret and Michael and crew.


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