Nicaragua, it came top of the list in Central America for us. Variety and ease of getting from place to place made it perfect to explore in a couple of weeks from beaches to jungles to volcanoes to colonial towns!



A roadside welcoming


The local beer of choice – for $1USD

Leon Cathedral

One of the cathedrals in Leon


Hanging about the town, taking a rest where needed


Mangoes, bananas and dragonfruit


Trying to get artistic on the local scene


Presidential propaganda


The streets of Granada


Cel blending into the markets


Granada by night


Getting my tourist on!

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua (1)

The drinks depot – well it where we stopped to get beer and water so I assume that’s what it’s called

Finca Mystica, Ometepe Island

Cel striking a pose on the wagon

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua (3)

Spotted an old Coca Cola truck so took the obligatory photo

Finca Mystica, Ometepe Island

Finca Mystica, Ometepe Island

Checking the progress of the pineapple plants on our garden tour @ Finca

Finca Mystica, Ometepe Island

This is life at Finca Mystica – with Luna chilling alongside

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua (10)

Smiling, yet conscious that we don’t want to give the snakes an easy target!

Volcan Maderas, Ometepe Island

The view from around the halfway point

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua (16)

A bug on the way back down the mountain

Volcan Concepcion

A view of the other Volcan – Concepcion – also suffering the cloud cap syndrome

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua (19)

A big coming the other way on the highway

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua (21)

The ‘Tienda’ (shop) with Cel enjoying her iceblock

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua (23)

Lake Nicaragua, after taking a swim

San Juan Del Sur

The night coming into San Juan

San Juan Del Sur

Really looking that part there….

San Juan Del Sur

Lads playing soccer on the beach in San Juan

San Juan Del Sur

Attempting to get up and rip things to bits….

San Juan Del Sur

Life is good

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