Hitting the hills at altitude was the greatest experience in Peru, the mountain trails certainly told us who was boss but also allowed us to see stunning parts of the country


Salkantay Day 2


Lima Historic Town

This guy was loving his role in the parade

Lima Historic Town

Some pretty sweet costumes

Lima Historic Town

Happy, although getting hangry as we look for a place for lunch

Lima Historic Town

Fish markets in Chinatown

Lima Historic Town

Chicken Heaven

Lima Historic Town

Beijing or Lima?

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Cusco Alpaca

Sneaky free snap of the lady that sell photos

Cusco by Night

Out and about at night in Cusco

Cusco Downtown

Cel hanging out downtown

Cusco Hills 2

Sunshine during the day is lapped up

Cusco Hills

Pre-trek couple photo

Cusco Main Square

The Peruvian and Indigenous flags

Cusco Mercado Comidas

Market food for $2USD

Cusco Mercado

We went nuts, stocking up on nuts

Cusco Shoe Shine

Child labour is alive and well

Cusco Norton Pub View

Rewarding on the final day in Cusco

Cusco Streets 2

Tony chatting to man’s best friend

Viva El Peru Cusco

Viva El Cusco

Peru Flag

Peru never looked better against the Arequipan sky

Arequipa Mirador

Enjoying the views at the mirador

Arequipa Streets

Cel out and about brightening up the streets

Monastario Santa Catalina 1

A little under-dressed for a monastery perhaps?

Monastario Santa Catalina 3

Not sure who is blue’er?

Monastario Santa Catalina 7

Spot Cel…

Volcan Misti 2

Ooooooolld Misti catches the last rays of sun for the day

Volcan Misti 3

That’s be it for the day

Cabanaconda AS

Dropping an AS at the end of the trek

Colca Canyon Day 3

The trekking crew nearing the top

Colca Canyon Morning

Morning rises over the canyon

Colca Canyon Trek 1

Making our way down into the canyon

Colca Canyon Trek 3

Sunset beer on the first day

Colca Canyon Trek 4

Our accommodation and the view – stunning

Colca Canyon Trek 9.1

Stoked to be up the top before 9am

Cruz Del Condor 1

Cel getting ready to spot some condors

Cruz Del Condor 4

The mighty condor

Cruz Del Condor 5

The condors relaxing before flight

Cruz Del Condor 6

Massive wing span

Inka Terracing

Looking out over the Incan terracing

Volcan Chucura

Miles above the ocean by the looks

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