14th -15th June, Phnomh Phenh – Bangalore


Our trip from PP to Bangalore required a small mention…epic traveling for Jono and I.

We flew out of PP to Kuala Lumpur around 3pm on the 14th, arriving in KL at 5:30pm. Our connecting flight to Bangalore was the next day at 3:30. We floundered around for about an hour, tossing up: “Do we go into town to find accommodation”, “Where in town do we go”, “How do we get into town”…in the end we thought staying at the airport might be easier! There were plenty of ‘restaurants’ around (Mc’D’s etc) and a good area set up for watching World Cup Soccer.


Malaysia Airport

Killing time in Malaysia airport


We made our way into Mc Donald’s around 8pm and got the usual tasty, healthy nutritious fare they’re renowned for – in my opinion it tasted bloody good at the time! After dinner, we reclined to our hard airport seats…that had bars between seats so you could not lye on them…they were hard seats FYI. We sat there catching up on travel diaries, reading books walking around, getting the odd coffee…the last game of the Soccer started at 2am – we’d decided to stay up and watch it (can’t remember who was playing now). By 4:30am I decided to try and get some sleep – it didn’t come easy in the white light of KL airport, the seat wasn’t made for a 6ft kiwi and the floor was cold…I think we both managed about 3 hours sleep before awaking to the mornings influx of travellers. Mc D’s for breakfast and 3 coffee’s later we were feeling ok. We had the sense to make a plan for Bangalore when we arrived – knowing we wouldn’t be ready for on the spot thinking! At 1pm we were finally able to check in and move through to a new area (the old one, by this stage, was pretty bloody overdone!)


In the end we got our 4 hour flight to Bangalore, arrived safely and made it to our accommodation around 8pm that night – after a 2 hour mission to find somewhere clean and reasonably priced. It made our first curry well worth it and the nights sleep was absolute gold!


Around 36 hours running on about 4 hours sleep…an ‘experience’ but would NOT feature in the Lonely Planet as “Our Pick” or “Highly Recommended”

Oh and I think it was the contributing factor in me contracting tonsillitis in Bangalore…4 days of low action – Bugger! Will Start the India blog soon, so far she’s been pretty quiet while I try to re-coup but the curry is without a doubt WORLD CLASS!!

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