A little behind in the posting, but am catching up now…still in Chiang Mai at the water festival…some action from a few days ago…Saturday 10th April, up at 5am to, for some reason, help out our hostel owner in getting people coming off the overnight bus from Bangkok, to stay with her. It was an interesting experience and it got us a free breakfast so well worth it. We closed a few sales and took down a few future prospects for call backs. back at the hotel we ate our breakfast and then moaned how tired we were.


Chiang Mai Lake


Jono and I had been itching to get our fly rods out and get into some fish, so when we asked the locals where we could fish they said they’d take us to a lake. Being used to lakes like Taupo and Waikaremoana, we thought – sounds good. Turns out not so good, this wasn’t a fly fishing type of pond, the locals caught the fish with bread bombs the 10kg fish in the pond didn’t want a bar or our crazy flies! To add to this we were tired from the early start and the lake are was ludicrously hot – less than ideal.
Fishing Takes It Toll

Jono looking a little frustrated

Chiang Mai Lizard

A friend we found while fishing

We had paid for the Thai lads for the day so said we wanted to go swimming somewhere. They took us through to a lake where a huge number of Thai go to swim and spend time with friends. They put us on the beach front, under a couple of umbrella’s and we proceeded to chat to our Thai guides, July (spelling?) and Mr Pong. Learnt a few interesting things and then went back to their pad for a couple of beers with their other trekking mates and played a bit of guitar…we heard a great rendition of the classic Eric Clapton song ‘Tears in Heaven’…the translation got a little lost and they sung it ‘Tears in Harry’ – Jono and I had a good laugh about that later.

Chiang Mai Lakefront

View from a Thai picnic table

Thai Sunset

A Thai sunset at the lake

That night we went to the night markets with a few mates, Louis and Caio from Brazil and Anna from England. The night market is in China town, we ate a few bugs, bufallo testicles, some awesome sweeet pastries, dried squid etc. It was an interesting night and clearly something that the Thai love doing as they were everywhere.

Chiang Mai Markets

Jono and Caio getting stuck into bugs


Chiang Mai Market Food

Lining up to sample some dried seafood cooked on the grill


Chiang Mai Motorbikes

Motorbikes seem to be the way to get to the market...

We’re off to hire motorbikes now, going to drive around Chiang Mai and out into the open road to do a bit of exploring.

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