The time has come! As we sit here in Vic’s apartment for our last night in London we’re getting the normal feeling before travel: excitement and uncertainty. Excited about what the next 4 months holds for us, the people we’ll meet, places we’ll go, words we’ll learn and new food we’ll devour. Uncertain about what actually lies ahead, exactly how dangerous is Guatemala city, what will the chicken buses be like, what happens when we get stuck in the middle of nowhere and no one speaks English? All the good stuff that will all be blast out of the water as soon as we land and get our first feel of Latin America. The new smells, colours, cultures, road signs and ways to walk down the road.


Until then, it’s off to bed, with a 6:30am start ahead out to Heathrow. A flight that takes us to Miami with a 4 hour layover before dropping onto the Guate tarmac at 7:05pm Monday 11th June. The ship is sailing and we’re on-board, I look forward to sharing it with you. If you want to hear when I’ve got something new to say, subscribe to the blog here

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  1. Sophie Bates says: June 11, 2012 • 10:18:58

    Feliz Viaje! Spanish for Happy Travels! Love ya Uncle Ben xoxo Sophie


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